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  1. PBS Newshour

    I had a chance to speak to PBS’s Jefferey Brown about black artists reclaiming their narrative in the public eye with photography

  2. My Kit

    Here’s my kit: Bodies  Canon T5i This is the camera I started off with. I learned the basics of Aperture, ISO and shutter speed with this bad boy. ** 2019-2020 5D Mark 4  ** My current digital workhorse. It’s basically the Mark 3 with a few more features. 2017-2019 5D

  3. Format Creative Spotlight: Mark Clennon

    I had the privilege of being featured by Format! (the platform that I used to build this site) Read more about some of my favorite projects here

  4. Looking Back: One year since I quit my job.

    Photo by Jeremiah Dancel video by Freako Wow. So it’s been a year. The past twelve months have felt so short, but at the same time, October 2017 feels like a lifetime ago.I didn’t sign up to be an “entrepreneur.” I simply wanted to pursue my happiest life and I…

  5. Kenneth Cole

    Quick content collaboration featuring me.  Shot by Jarrod Anderson Video by JR Ruffin

  6. Paths

    I had a moment this week A friend of mine Natasha Benjamin contacted me about a job documenting the “#saveourcity” housing protests. The weather was not ideal. Pouring rain, no umbrella - nothing to keep my camera dry. For a moment, with my hoodie completely soaked, I thought of my…

  7. Pressure

    As you probably already know, I announced that I quit my job In the past few days, I’ve been showered with “congratulations and “you’re an inspiration” via text, call, tweet and post. And to be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about it. Though I appreciate the love, I’m…

  8. Introducing

    video shot by rasheed ingram Hello family. After months planning & consideration, I’ve decided to quit my job to pursue photography full-time. I’m taking this leap of faith because if I don’t, I’ll know I’ll regret trying for the rest of my life. My mission as an artist is to…

  9. Transition

    August 17th 03:41 Made a new email address for the leap - I wrote an email to myself from my work email (@oath) to my new email Here’s a small snippet: “ASK ask. Respond. Urgency. Be smart. Lord I hope I’m smart.” ________________ August 25th 0:20 Haven’t been sleeping…