I had a moment this week.

A friend of mine Natasha Benjamin contacted me about a job documenting the “#saveourcity” housing protests.

The weather was not ideal.

Pouring rain, no umbrella - nothing to keep my camera dry.

For a moment, with my hoodie completely soaked, I thought of my desk at my old office.

     “Damn, is this the life I chose?”

     “No, not exactly. But it’s the path I chose”

It was my first gig back in New York and it was humbling. I needed this.

Sometimes re-adjusting your path will humble you. Though this new path is blurry, I’d rather this the one I just came from.

The work continues.

Last weekend, we hosted a photowalk that brought a bunch of creatives together in one place. A sincere thank you goes out to everyone that came.

Especially the homies JRTyler who both made lit recap videos:


As you probably already know, I announced that I quit my job.

In the past few days, I’ve been showered with “congratulations and “you’re an inspiration” via text, call, tweet and post.

And to be honest,

I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Though I appreciate the love, I’m not here for congratulations.

In fact, as all the praise and encouragement puts additional pressure on me. It’s uncomfortable - but I need this pressure, and I welcome it.

Congratulations is defined by “words expressing praise for an achievement”

In many ways, I haven’t achieved shit.

In about a week,

the congratulatory posts will stop
the text messages will stop
people will focus their attention over to the #1 priority. Their own lives.

I’m at the bottom of the totem pole. I’m going to have to scrap for every penny I earn. I’m going to have to follow up… and follow up again – then follow up again.

I’m going to make mistakes.
I’m going to have to explain to folks why I can’t take their photos for free.

Yes quitting my job was hard.

but for my immediate future - it’s going to be a lot harder.

shaping my routine
staying productive
all the while fighting for my artistic voice in a stadium full of “content”

so when I hear the “congratulations” from friends and family, deep down, I know that I haven’t earned that word yet.

It’s up to me to prove you right.

I love you. Thank you for your support,
and thanks for stopping by.


ps. I’m going to be making my blog password protected and private soon. This will serve as my safe space to open up to those closest with me.

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Photowalk SZN

When the water rises in a lake, all the boats rise along with it. 

Now, more than ever it’s important to build a community to help each other grow. When the people around me win, I win too. 

Thats important bruh.

Thats why we’re hosting a photowalk this Saturday in Chinatown.

Peep the details below and click here to RSVP:

Come join The Shooter’s Union as they host our third photowalk. The purpose of this photowalk is for photographers, videographers, models + other creatives to come together. We want to create a meeting area for creatives from all walks of life to link.

Photographers: Doesn’t matter if you’ve been shooting for decades or just bought a camera yesterday, we all can learn from each other.

Models: Looking to build your portfolio? Trying to network with other photographers. This is the perfect place to do it.

Come out and meet other creatives as we try to get better at our crafts together. We will be meeting at 2pm at Confucious Plaza