My Kit

Here’s my kit:


 Canon T5i

This is the camera I started off with. I learned the basics of Aperture, ISO and shutter speed with this bad boy.

** 2019-2020 5D Mark 4  **

My current digital workhorse. It’s basically the Mark 3 with a few more features.

2017-2019 5D Mark3 

The majority of my work on my site is with this camera, it’s the one I’ve had the longest.

Mamiya 645 AF with a 80mm 2.8

This medium format kit is one of my favorites. I’ve shot some of my favorite images with this. It has it’s own metering system and it makes it easy as a person who learned to shoot on a digital.

Canon EOS 3

Ok so this camera is basically a “Film DSLR” What I mean by that is: it essentially the same body as a Canon DSLR with the same buttons, except it shoots 35mm. I love it becuase I can use all my Canon lenses with it.

Contax t2

My (albeit overpriced) 35mm point and shoot I use when I’m with friends or doing random things.

Lenses (in order of favorite)

Canon 50mm 1.2

It just works man. I know what i’ll get before i put my eye up to the viewfinder. When i get nervous on a shoot (every shoot) I switch to this lens

Sigma Art 24mm 1..4

Something about the edges of the frame  works for me. It’s like a 50 + the added contextual bonus of the environment around my subject

Canon 24-mm-70mm 2.8 L II

This lens is the one that i use for the majority of my studio work or work where I don’t exactly know what to expect. It’s worth every penny and it’s my workhorse lens. (It’s heavy though)

Canon 85mm 1.8

I don’t really use this one that much. It’s not very sharp ro me and has a purple fringing. What have used it for in the past was for NYFW street style as it does a great job of compressing the background and isolating the subject. Gotta cross the street for a full body shot though.

Any more questions on my kit? When and why I decided to upgrade?  Shoot me a text 321-204-1082