Mark Clennon is a photographer and director based in Los Angeles. His work spans across numerous publications and clients, including Apple, Nike, Time, Esquire, Target, Adidas and more. 

Mark, a Florida native, moved to New York after graduating from the University Of South Florida and spent the first 5 years of his professional career in tech, eventually deciding to pursue his passion for photography. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

With a particular focus on editorial, commercial and documentary projects, he adeptly jumps between these forms of photography. His goal is to capture the Black experience in its totality. His images are therefore nuanced and multifaceted, capturing joy, pain, triumph and everything in between.





Clients. Credits.

  • Apple
  • TIME Magazine
  • The New Yorker
  • New York Magazine
  • Esquire
  • Joe Biden 2020 Campaign
  • GQ
  • Interview Magazine
  • W Magazine
  • Spotify
  • Nike
  • NFL
  • Target


  • Today at Apple (2020/2021) 
  • PBS Newshour (2020) 
  • Guest Lecturer, Center for Documentary Studies at Duke  (2020) 
  • Guest Lecturer,  School of Journalism and Media at UNC (2020) 
  • Museum of the City of New York (2020) 
  • Click Photo Festival (2020)
  • University of Miami (Ohio) (2022)
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET) (2022)

Apple, 2021 

Today At Apple, New York

In 2020, I led a sold-out photography fireside chat, keynote and workshop at Apple Fifth Avenue in New York City with The Creative Collective NYC

My conversation with founder Imani Ellis was about my growth as a photographer since picking up the camera for the first time in 2016.

For my 40 minute keynote and workshop I challenged my creative peers and attendees to break the classic rules of photography to create more compelling portraits.

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I spoke with PBS Newshour about the importance of the black creative documenting the protests of 2020

Mark Clennon's commercial that aired during the BET Awards in collaboration with McDonalds and Wieden+Kennedy



Actual Client Feedback

Mark, these are AMAZING!!!

So beautiful. Really warmed my heart. You have such a gift!

Wow. These are incredible, Mark! I just took a quick glance and will dig in deeper shortly, but damn, awesome work!

mark these are fuckin 🔥🔥
i cannot wait to show these to my team tomorrow! i will let you know if i need anything else

Thank you so so so much for killing Saturday’s shoot. You’ve believed in us since the very beginning and I am so incredibly thankful to have you in our corner. You’re so incredible and I am in constant awe of you & your work.

woahh Mark 😱😱😱
i’m sooooo fuckin impressed
these look awesome sir

It was a pleasure to work with you in such unique circumstances and I really appreciate all the great shots that you and your team delivered. Even in the rain! There has been nothing but great response internally as well for how we were able to bring the product to life. So kudos.

Those are amazing
You why are you so 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Can you send them to my email?

Good brother —
Thank you so much. Your gift is unmatched.
Never stop growing.

Omfgggg I love those tho

holy sh*t mark these are so good

you killed that [redacted] shoot btw 😱😱. you’re praises are being sung
so happy for you

Mark!! These are awesome!!! THANK YOU for making room in your schedule to make this happen, and making the experience so much fun!

The images are so great – exactly what I was envisioning and [redacted] added a nice dramatic touch. We definitely got what we needed!

Awesome, thanks so much. Really appreciate the quick work and creative vision – I’m so glad we could make it work! Definitely looking forward to working on more stuff together in the future.

Pictures are flawless. You’re too gifted for words. Thank you. I sent you payment via [redacted].

Photos look amazing! Everyone in the office is obsessed.

THANK YOU SOOOOOO good sheesh mark

WOW. truly speechless, incredible Mark!

Mark, photos look amazing and the team was stoked with your work- I’ll circle back later today with a confirmation your requisition has been opened in Flex.

These are amazing Mark! Between us, my favorite! THANK YOU.

Amazing!! Also, I know it's pretty obvious but I gotta say, these are incredible images Mark. Just, incredible!

These images are so beautiful, we are really really happy with them.
Thanks for being a part of this project.

still here? thanks for scrolling.