I had a moment this week.

A friend of mine Natasha Benjamin contacted me about a job documenting the “#saveourcity” housing protests.

The weather was not ideal.

Pouring rain, no umbrella - nothing to keep my camera dry.

For a moment, with my hoodie completely soaked, I thought of my desk at my old office.

     “Damn, is this the life I chose?”

     “No, not exactly. But it’s the path I chose”

It was my first gig back in New York and it was humbling. I needed this.

Sometimes re-adjusting your path will humble you. Though this new path is blurry, I’d rather this the one I just came from.

The work continues.

Last weekend, we hosted a photowalk that brought a bunch of creatives together in one place. A sincere thank you goes out to everyone that came.

Especially the homies JRTyler who both made lit recap videos: